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Service & Payment Options

We offer several different fee options for our services. Please call us to inquire about our fee schedules and what they entail. 

Our pricing is comprised of the following;


Individual Sessions / Psychotherapy

Family Sessions / Family Psychotherapy

Parent & Family Training

Individualized Education Planning Meetings

After Hours / Crisis

We offer patients several ways to pay, including all major credit cards, cash, checks and money orders. Patients have the options of paying for each visit, enrolling in auto-payment or using one of our contracted monthly plans, which would cover a predetermined amount of visits per month. 

We are not in network with any insurance plan, however at your request we can provide a bill for reimbursement based on your out of network insurance coverage. 

Prior to scheduling your appointment, whether you are a new or existing patient, you are entitled to a good faith estimate. Please request one if you'd like an estimate of your service costs over a certain period of time. 

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If you or your child are in a state of crisis, you can call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room. 

Some other resources include:

1) Mobile Crisis through Banyan health (serving Miami-Dade) 


2) National Suicide Prevention hotline


3) 211 for further resources.

You are not alone.

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