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About Us

The Olive Tree Center for Child & Family Psychology was founded on the principle of connection. Dr. Laura Olivos aims to empower the children and families she works with to find a voice through the most evidence based treatment modalities and practices. 

Through an integrative and client-centered approach, Dr. Olivos integrates mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, and play therapies to collaboratively develop a unique and personalized treatment plan for each child & family that seeks services. 

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Our Story

The Olive Tree Center for Child & Family Psychology was a dream of Dr. Laura’s since she was a young girl. An olive tree is a symbol of peace and hope. Dr. Laura’s last name translates directly in Spanish to “olive trees” and she felt this to be the perfect representation of what she set to accomplish with those she works with--peace & the hope for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

The Olive Tree's mission is to empower children and families to heal utilizing the most evidence based practices. Dr. Laura aims to create a nurturing environment that fosters safety and connection for this and future generations of families.

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