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Autism & Neurodiversity

Dr. Laura is proud to offer a niche specialty in her clinical practice of working with children on the autism spectrum and other neurodivergent presentations (i.e. Down’s Syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome, etc.). Dr. Laura adopts a neurodiversity framework in her clinical practice, which is the belief that conditions such as autism and other neurological differences are a different kind of “wiring” in the brain, deserving of recognition and respect to promote better advocacy for accommodations, reduce stigma, and embrace inclusion in a more meaningful way.

Dr. Laura’s role in working with these populations involves an integrative approach, highlighting neurocognitive strengths, nurturing socioemotional development, and promoting a neurodiverse perspective to ensure Autistic identity is respected, explored, and honored. With her extensive experience and training in trauma and loss, Dr. Laura additionally provides tailored clinical interventions to address these issues in a way that is meaningful to the individual she is serving.
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